I don't know. Marvel is trying to tell one unified story through a number of different properties. Disney is just too big to try that level of coordination. They will run into the same problems that Fox, Sony, and Time Warner have in trying to create their own movie universes, and in some ways the same problems Disney… » 12/26/14 10:42pm 12/26/14 10:42pm

How many year end HOT TAKES can one movie get? Depending on the minute Amazing Spider-Man 2 was either too much of a superhero movie, or it failed to understand Peter Parker, or everyone associated with the movie knew instinctively that the movie would suck, or nerds plotted the downfall of the movie because they want… » 12/25/14 12:25am 12/25/14 12:25am

I think there is a bit of a difference between avoiding something because it just doesn't interest you as opposed to making sweeping judgments based on at best limited experiences. The internet is already lousy with the latter, it's just tiresome at this point. » 12/16/14 1:08am 12/16/14 1:08am

God this garbage again? Why do people think there is a super secret special formula for telling a good story? Oh Stupid Nerds, you added 3 teaspoons of world building when you only needed two! What is wrong with you! That's not how storytelling works and I'm sick of people acting like there is some magic blueprint to… » 12/14/14 8:47am 12/14/14 8:47am

That's an incredibly reactionary view of The Ultimates. One, it was a story always tied Bush era America. It's a story very much about a certain time. And the first issue came out after 9/11, so not really sure of your point there. And Thor was a Norse God in The Ultimates, it's just that no one believed him until… » 12/03/14 8:03am 12/03/14 8:03am

I think this one was about Barry wanting really impress Ollie and overdoing it when Ollie wasn't in awe of him. I really loved Diggle's reaction and his random questions about the Flash's bathroom practices. I do think they tried to do a bit too much in the episode, and it would have been better if Barry had caught… » 12/03/14 6:00am 12/03/14 6:00am

Sorry, I'm all aboard the optimism train. I've even brought the t-shirt and mug from the optimism gift shop on the train. The trailer looks gorgeous, the X-Wings over the water is just stunning. And I love, love, love the lightsaber with crossguards that look like afterburners firing. I cannot wait to see more and put… » 11/28/14 11:45am 11/28/14 11:45am

Silly National Bar Association. Social media and the 24 hour news cycle are the real criminals here. Wilson is just your average man-god superhero paragon eagle of justice protecting AMERICA from black demon men threatening the very fabric of this great country with their amazing demon powers. You would see that if… » 11/25/14 3:54pm 11/25/14 3:54pm