Well done. I think Nick just wants to catch up to Cartoon Network is the sport of terrible douche executive ball. I'm excited for the growth of digital if for no other reason than it may remove good shows from the control of the idiots that run places like Nick and CN. » 8/01/14 9:25am Yesterday 9:25am

Unless it is a whole "time can be rewritten" thing. And the whole arc ends with the Avengers having to jump back to the point where the rest of the books catch up and do something to prevent the events of TRO from happening. But I'm hoping you are right and they stick around for a while. » 7/30/14 6:44am Wednesday 6:44am

The Demon's Head! I honestly thought that Ra's al Ghul would not come until much later, because they way they have set him up he is the biggest villain in the world, but this is great. I hope we get a Talia this season as well, even though Nyssa is awesome and more of her would be just fine. » 7/27/14 3:10am Sunday 3:10am